Hey I'm Rachael and I'm 24 and I live in the UK. This blog is primarily Glee and Once upon a time centric, though you will find a number of other shows on here as well. Just depends how I'm feeling at the time.

This is a Lea Michele and Darren Criss appreciation blog.

Any questions, then come talk to me, you know where my ask box is!

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Lea hiking in LA

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 I got really hot in my leather pants so I took them off, but they must have shrunk from the- the sweat or something, or- or my legs expanded from the heat. I- I can’t get them back on, Joey! I can’t!

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Legally Blonde (2001)

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Every Glee song ever 

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Get to Know Me Meme: [1/10] Shows
     ↳ Once Upon A Time

"I know the hero never believes at first. If they did, it wouldn’t be a very good  s t o r y.

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"I feel guilty singing this song about longing for the past, I mean, because this— you guys, is one hell of a present.” (x x x x x x)

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on your feet for the captain!

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"So, Eugene Fitzherbert huh?"

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